Dr. Mike Donaldson
Lead Instructor, Institute for Science and Mathematics

Dr. D (right) with student Aidan Hunter who is displaying his "chickenosaur" creation.

Dr. D is an Alaskan homeschooling parent, and scientist with over twenty years experience in quantitative analytical research. He is passionate about sharing the joy of learning and discovering scientific principles with the next generation.

With over a decade of experience in providing hands-on learning opportunities for children of all ages at the Mad Scientist Workshop in Fairbanks, Dr. D is an expert at explaining scientific principles in ways that make sense.

Whether it is helping students marvel at captured insects under a microscope, dissect an electronic component, or perfect a new mechanism for a Rube Goldberg marble run, Dr. Donaldson never tires of seeing the joy of discovery and learning when a scientific principle comes to life.

Dr. D holds a PhD in quantitative environmental studies, and firmly believes that science and math provide the necessary tools for discerning good stuff . In his work as an analytical consultant and as a teacher, he continues to deepen his understanding of and appreciation for the underlying principles of science that govern the way the nature operates. And he is passionate about sharing his passion for these truths through hands-on experiential learning. Indeed it is the reason he created the Mad Scientist Workshop a place full of raw materials, equipment and tools for learning about the world around us. He has a keen interest in using whatever means and methods available to help learn about and